CNC Grinder Introduction
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CNC Grinder Introduction


Introduction of CNC grinder

Nowadays, many products require the corresponding grinding machine to grind the surface or internal structure during production. So that the contact with other products is smoother, but there are many products that are very demanding for grinding. And the general grinding method is very difficult to achieve the corresponding accuracy, then the best choice at this time is the CNC grinding machine, which has many notable features, which can make the grinding more simple and smoother. When the CNC grinding machine is used for product processing, no matter how complicated the shape of the product is, as long as it can write the corresponding program on the CNC grinding machine before grinding, it can complete various processing requirements. And in operation and common compared with the manual operation, it is also more simple and convenient. The use of the entire grinding machine can realize the effective control of computer programming so that the error of human operation can eliminate, so the fineness of polishing is better. In addition, when using the CNC grinding machine, it can use the corresponding computer software to achieve the precision compensation and the optimal control of the product grinding, which has the advantage that other grinding machines can not achieve.  

Knowledge about CNC grinding machines

1. Which kinds of CNC grinders are more common and commonly used?

CNC grinder, which is a major grinder, so, it can be classified. Generally speaking, CNC grinder can be divided into CNC internal grinder, CNC cylindrical grinder, CNC surface grinder, CNC centerless grinder, and CNC universal grinder five kinds. Among them, the more commonly used is the CNC cylindrical grinder and CNC cylindrical grinder these two.

2. What is the key part of controlling the CNC grinder?

CNC grinder, to achieve control of this function, then, the key components, is for the program control system, or PLC. The grinding machine with numerical control system can automatically grind the workpiece surface to obtain a good machining effect.

3. What are the differences between ordinary grinders and CNC grinders? In addition, CNC grinder, whether there is a special grinding wheel dressing device?

Common grinder and CNC grinder, the difference between the two kinds of grinder, is the common grinder for a shaft motor drive, and CNC grinder, it is a multi-axis servo motor drive. In addition, CNC grinder this kind of grinder, there is a special dressing grinding wheel device. So on question number two, the answer is yes.

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