Demina Is Recognized By High-tech Enterprises
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Demina Is Recognized By High-tech Enterprises


Demina is recognized by high-tech enterprises

Recently, our company successfully passed the Beijing High-tech Enterprise Certification. In China, Beijing is in a leading position regardless of economic strength or technological development. Therefore, the standards for the identification of high-tech enterprises in the city are also the most stringent. It not only requires enterprises to have independent intellectual property rights for the core technologies of their main products. Products (services) fall within the scope stipulated in the “High-tech fields supported by the state”. And the proportion of scientific and technical personnel with a college degree or above in the total number of employees in the current year. The proportion of total research and development expenses in the past three fiscal years to the total sales revenue. The proportion of high-tech products (services) in the total income of the company in the current year. The management level of enterprise research and development organizations. The ability to transform scientific and technological achievements. The number of independent intellectual property rights. There are clear requirements for indicators such as sales and total asset growth. It is reported that Demina has consistently adhered to the "technical leading strategy". All products produced have independent intellectual property rights. And a number of products fill the gaps in the domestic and even the world. The passing of the high-tech enterprise certification further confirmed our company's leading position in the field of tool grinding.

Demina equipment advantage

Firstly, the equipment itself is heavy, stable operation can effectively improve the sharpening accuracy. The main components of the sharpening machine - the guide rails, all adopt imported linear guide rails. The sharpening of the sharpening is more precise, the grinding error is controlled within 0.001mm; Secondly, the work efficiency is high, the abrasive is made of sanding structure. The grinding head motor has higher power than the conventional grinding machine. And 30kw, 45kw, 60kw is optional; Thirdly, multi-functional environmental protection, automatic cleaning device, automatic slag collection device; Fourthly, a high degree of automation, manual feed. And automatic feed rolling positioning linear guide. Our equipment is now not only sold well in China but also exported to the United States, Mexico, Turkey and Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Singapore, Southeast Asia, and other countries. And received the praise of domestic and foreign users. And our equipment is all factory-direct production, no middlemen to earn the difference. Welcome everyone to come to buy.
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