Grinding Machine Knowledge
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Grinding Machine Knowledge


Grinding machine introduction

General grinding tools (such as grinding wheel, sand block, and belt) or abrasive (such as a grinding agent) for cutting machine called grinder. Grinding is a kind of high-speed cutting method which is developed to meet the needs of fine machining and hard surface machining. Grinding: refers to the use of abrasive materials to cut the processing method. Grinding: it is the use of a high-speed rotating grinding wheel as a cutting tool, the workpiece cutting processing.

Features of grinding processing

1. A grinding tool for the multi-edge cutter. 2. High grinding speed. 3. It can grind soft material and can grind hard material. 4. It can be cut very thin surface and can have a very high removal rate. 5. Fine surface with extremely high accuracy. 6. The grinding wheel has the function of "self-sharpening". The basic movement of grinding 1. The main movement: directly cut off the metal on the workpiece into the chip movement, called the main movement. 2. Feed movement: the movement of the whole surface of the workpiece by continuously cutting the metal being cut. The main motion and feed motion are usually called surface shaping motions.

Cutting factors

1. Backbite 2. Feed 3. Cutting speed

(cooling fluid role)

1. Cooling role

2. Lubrication role

3. Cleaning role

4.  Rust

Kinds of grinding machine

General grinding machine Y (tooth), gear grinding machine S (thread), thread grinding machine, general grinding machine has external cylindrical grinder centerless grinder internal cylindrical grinder.

Structure of grinding machine


2. Headframe

3. Inner circle grinding wheel frame

4. Outer circle grinding wheel frame

5. Tailstock

6. Guide rail surface

7. Slide saddle and transverse feeding mechanism

8. Feeding rotatable handwheel

9. The table on the machine tool

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