Grinding Process For PCD&PCBN Tools
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Grinding Process For PCD&PCBN Tools


Grinding process for PCD&PCBN tools

(1) Spindle accuracy is good, general grinding wheel end face runout should be ≤0.02mm. If the end face of the grinding wheel jumps too much, the grinding wheel will intermittently impact the cutting edge during grinding, which is easy to cause the cutting edge to collapse and difficult to obtain a high-precision cutting edge.

(2) Ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel shall be preferred for the grinding wheel. In the grinding process, the ceramic binder is prone to micro-crack, so that the abrasive particles are updated and self-sharpening, so that the grinding process is stable, which is conducive to improving the precision and efficiency of the processing surface. The second choice is the resin bonded diamond grinding wheel with high heat resistance.

(3) Timely pay attention to the cutting edge of the grinding wheel and the size of the cutting whetstone should be appropriate. When machining PCD tools with a diamond grinding wheel, the grinding wheel will be blocked, passivation, high temperature, and rapid wear resulting in reduced processing speed and the generation of vibration marks, noise, and burns. Soft sic whetstone with a grain size no. 1 ~ 2 finer than the grinding wheel used is usually chosen as the cutting whetstone.

(4) Since diamond is prone to chemical diffusion with iron alloy, which accelerates grinding wheel wear, it should be avoided to grind both metal and PCD as much as possible.

(5) The rotation direction of the grinding wheel must be rotated from the front cutter to the rear cutter. From the stress of the cutting edge of the PCD tool during grinding, it can be known that when the grinding wheel rotates from the front tool to the rear tool surface. The grinding force (sum of tangential and normal forces) ACTS on the cutting edge inward, that is, the tool is under pressure stress, and it is not easy to break the tool. Otherwise is the tensile stress, the cutting edge is easy to break. A resin-bonded grinding wheel is better than metal and ceramic bonded grinding wheel if it is necessary to reverse the grinding because of the tool structure.

(6) In order to ensure the quality of the cutting edge and improve the grinding efficiency, the back Angle of the tool can be divided into large back Angle and small back Angle. The coarse grain grinding wheel is used to grind the large back angle first because the contact surface is large, the grinding force is large and the grinding efficiency is high. Then, the fine-grain grinding wheel is used to grind the small back Angle, and the blade width of the small back Angle is controlled at about 0.1 ~ 0.3mm. The small edge grinding quality of the contact surface is good.

(7)Finish the machining of the cutting edge of the cutting tool in one clamping as far as possible.

(8) PCD grinding coolant should be preferably water-based grinding fluid. Due to the high hardness and poor heat resistance of PCD material, the water-based grinding liquid cooling effect is better than oil-based grinding fluid, which can improve the processing efficiency and cutting quality. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery has produced BT-150N PCD &PCBN tool grinding machine. This machine can be operated by automatic and manual. It is very popular for customers and the price is very competitive in China market. If you need more information about model BT-150N. Please feel free to contact us. Thanks very much!
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