Grinding Wheel Selection For PCBN Tool Grinding
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Grinding Wheel Selection For PCBN Tool Grinding


Grinding Wheel Selection For PCBN Tool Grinding

1. Particle size selection

The smaller the particle size of the grinding wheel is, the more smooth the surface will be and the lower the surface roughness will be. However, generally, on the premise of satisfying the requirements of cutting edge machining quality, it is necessary to choose the coarse-grained grinding wheel as far as possible, so as to ensure the machining quality and improve the machining efficiency. For the PCD tool grinding process, it is difficult to choose a particle size of the grinding wheel to achieve satisfactory results, generally to choose 2-3 different particle size grinding wheels for coarse, fine grinding.

2. Selection of binder

At present, there are three kinds of diamond grinding wheels in common use: resin bonding agent, metal bonding agent and a ceramic bonding agent.

1. Characteristics of the metal bond grinding wheel: the bronze bond is more common. The characteristics of the bronze-bonded diamond grinding wheel are good formability, high strength, certain toughness, but poor self-sharpness.

2. Characteristics of resin bond grinding wheel: high strength, good elasticity, stable bonding. But the resin material is polymer material, no fixed melting point, poor heat resistance. When the grinding temperature reaches 200-300 ℃, its bonding capacity will be greatly reduced.

3. Characteristics of ceramic bonded grinding wheel: the characteristics of the ceramic bonded grinding wheel are high hardness, good zili, stable chemical properties, water resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, and low cost. However, the grinding wheel of the ceramic bonding machine is generally formed by powder pressing, which is difficult to guarantee the uniformity of the molding body and is relatively brittle, so in the grinding process, the abrasive particles and binder are easy to fall off collectively.

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