Maintenance Of CNC Equipment In Summer
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Maintenance Of CNC Equipment In Summer


As the hot summer comes, the temperature in some workshops is also rising. As a result, the precision equipment in the workshops starts to have problems, the machining accuracy becomes unstable, on and off, and some machine tools break down for many times and strike from time to time. Have these situations occurred in your factory?

If these problems occur in the factory, we should analyze the root cause and solve the problem from the root. The more sophisticated the equipment is, the more stringent the environmental temperature requirements are, which requires the attention of plant managers.

Do a good job in the prevention of CNC equipment

1. Of course, for ordinary CNC equipment or not precision machining, many factories are unable to do a constant temperature environment, but the factory must do a good job in the prevention of CNC equipment to ensure the normal operation of CNC equipment.

2. The air conditioning of the distribution box can work normally.

3. Distribution box door sealed tightly, some units simply put the distribution box open heat, which is very dangerous, the outside dust into the electrical box, a long time will also cause device damage.

4. Power supply, drive circuit board and other cooling fans can operate normally, heat dissipation conditions are met.

5. Clean the ventilation ditch and heat sink on the high-power circuit board.

6. Maintenance personnel should often patrol, find hidden trouble to eliminate in time.

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