Performance Of CBN Tool Cutting
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Performance Of CBN Tool Cutting


Performance of CBN tool cutting

Because CBN crystal and diamond crystal belong to sphalerite type, and the lattice constant is close to each other, and the chemical bond type is the same, CBN has the hardness and compressive strength close to that of diamond, and because it is composed of N and B atoms, it has higher thermal stability and chemical inertia than diamond. The main properties of PCBN tool materials are as follows: 1.PCBN tool has high hardness and wears resistance PCBN tool has high hardness and wears resistance. Therefore, it has a higher wear resistance than hard alloy and ceramics when used for processing high-hardness materials, which can reduce the size deviation or size dispersion in the processing of large parts. It is especially suitable for equipment with a high degree of automation, which can reduce the time of tool changing and tool adjusting, so as to give full play to its efficiency. 2. PCBN tool has high thermal stability and high-temperature hardness PCBN tool has high thermal stability and high-temperature hardness, the heat resistance of CBN can reach 1400 ~ 1500℃. Therefore, when the cutting temperature is higher, the processed material will be softened, and the hardness difference between the tool increases, which is conducive to the cutting process, but has little impact on the tool life. 3. PCBN tool has high chemical stability CBN has a very high antioxidant capacity, at 1000℃ does not produce oxidation phenomenon, and iron materials at 1200 ~ 1300℃ does not produce chemical reaction, but at 1000℃ or so will produce hydrolysis with water, resulting in a large number of CBN wear, so when using PCBN tool wet cutting need to pay attention to the choice of cutting fluid type. In general, wet cutting does not significantly improve the life of PCBN tools, so the use of PCBN tools are often dry cutting. 4. PCBN tool has a good thermal conductivity The thermal conductivity of CBN material is lower than that of the diamond but much higher than that of cemented carbide, and with the increase of cutting temperature, the thermal conductivity of PCBN tool increases constantly, so that the tip of the heat quickly out, conducive to the improvement of workpiece processing accuracy. 5. PCBN tool has a lower friction coefficient The friction coefficient between CBN and different materials is also different, but it is basically between 0.1 and 0.3, which is much lower than that of cemented carbide, and it decreases slightly with the increase of friction speed and positive pressure. Therefore, the low coefficient of friction and excellent anti-adhesion ability make it difficult to form retention layers or chippings when cutting CBN tools, which is conducive to improving the quality of the machined surface.
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