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  • PCBN Insert And PCD Insert Products

      1.PCBN insert and PCD Insert Products introduction: PCBN is short for polycrystalline cubic boron nitride. PCBN Insert has high hardness, microhardness HV700~9800Mpa, similar to diamond hardness, high thermal conductivity, and can withstand high cutting temperature. Hardened steel has high strength, high hardness, low plasticity, large cutting force, high cutting temperature, and high requirements for tool resistance, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity. According to the current processing technology, PCBN Insert is very suitable for processing hardened steel tools. It can process high hardness cast iron, steel, gray cast iron, stainless steel, and so on. PCD is short for polycrystalline diamond, which is translated into Chinese as polycrystalline diamond. Polycrystalline diamond refers to a polycrystal sintered at a high temperature (1400℃) under high pressure by mixing diamond micro powder (micron size) with a small amount of metal powder (such as Co, etc.).Industrial use is mainly PCD composite, PCD insert is to use PCD composite blade as raw material. PCD insert has the advantages of high hardness, low friction coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient, wear resistance, long life, and so on. In recent years, as long as the tool to car generation of grinding, milling generation of grinding processing, PCBN insert and PCD insert products are very popular.  

  • APE-40 Drill Grinding Machine

    Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, a professional APE-40 drill grinding machine supplier, we produce APE-40 drill grinding machine is the sharpening machine for twist drills – step drills-countersink – taps--counterbore - spot drills – reamers, this machine can grinding drills taps and so on. APE-40 drill grinding machine use, it’s a manual machine. Drill, tap, countersink cutter and step drill can be ground on APE-40 drill grinding machine without extensive training. Spiral point drill pointer, the vertical grinding wheel makes web thinning very easy. APE-40 how to grind the drill, six-jaw chuck with high accuracy guarantees the run-out a drill deserves.

  • PP-100 Tool Grinder

    Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, a professional PP-100 universal mill grinder manufacturer, we also PP-100 universal mill grinder Export. We produce China PP-100 universal mill grinder can grind drill bit, center drill, NC drill bit, step drill and straight groove. Tools such as tap, screw tap, chamfer cutter, end milling cutter front end, and round bar, etc. PP-100 universal mill grinding machine adopts a precise rolling guide table, which makes the table move smoothly and has little friction. The grinding wheel motor can move up and down 160 mm. PP-100 universal mill grinder, the spindle is equipped with a butterfly wheel and a flat grinding wheel at the same time, so the grinding function and the range of mechanical movement can be enhanced.

  • Micra-10 Int Drill Bit Resharpening Machine

    Demina Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd, a professional Micra-10 Int drill bit resharpening machine supplier, produced Micra-10 drill bit grinder for drill bit the quality and accuracy of the MICRA 10 sharpening systems is achieved thanks to highly advanced constructional technologies and by a more modern design, High-quality Micra-10 Int drill bit resharpening machine able to comply with the most modern ergonomic and functional dictates. It’s suitable for small drills.

  • China Super-hard Tool Grinding Machine

    China super-hard tool grinding machine generally adopts mechatronic structure layout, work area protection or overall protection, and convenient maintenance meets ergonomic requirements. The two-axis linkage feed, the work table, and the grinding wheel frame are driven by the AC servo-ball screw pair. A variety of diamond dressing devices can be selected to achieve CNC dressing and automatic compensation. Active measuring device is configured to achieve full closed-loop control of grinding. China super-hard tool grinding machine has the functions of grinding process program change, workpiece quality management, machine condition monitoring, fault self-diagnosis, and abnormal alarm. The menu interface is easy to input.

  • APE-40 UP-Drill And Tap Resharpening Machine

    High-quality APE-40 UP-drill and tap resharpening machine using simple machine fixtures, Cuoghi sharpening machines sharpen twist drills with 40° to 180° tip angles, multi-step drills, pilot bits, diamond drills, prismatic and self-centering drills, flat bits, center drills, countersinks, expanders and taps with 1 to 12 right and left cutting edges, as illustrated in a few examples. APE-40 UP-drill and tap resharpening machine can grind drills. Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, is an APE-40 UP- sharpening machine for sale and Semi-auto tap grinder wholesale, welcome to come to consult.

  • BT-2 Grinding Wheel Dressing Machine

    BT-2 grinding wheel dressing machine adopts the principle of different material and different rotational speed between the repaired wheel and the repairing wheel to realize the shape dressing of the repaired wheel. The machine itself can dress the grinding wheel group composed of diamond grinding wheel, CBN grinding wheel and multiple grinding wheels simply and efficiently. BT-2 grinding wheel dressing machine can dress the plane, angle, arc and forming grinding wheel. The machine is simple to operate and has high accuracy.

  • BT-560

    Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, a professional BT-560 tool analyzer manufacturer, we produce BT-560 tool analyzer is specially designed for tool manufacturer, tool re-sharpening center and tool purchase department. BT-560 tool analyzer can efficiently analyze geometric element and its precision of many kinds of tools. The precision has been accepted by the automobile industry generally and will be introduced to other fields. The angle setting of the analyzer is achieved by a rotary encoder, length setting is achieved by the linear grating, the image analysis software can measure the geometric elements and the measurement outcome can be stored and managed by the database. The unique V-block of China BT-560 tool analyzer can rotate and can do the 3D measurement with full view. When used is BT-560 measuring the insert tool.

  • PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder

    PP-50 universal tool grinder manufacturer Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, produced PP-50 universal tool grinder uses a precision rolling guide table to make the table move smoothly and with low friction. PP-50 universal end mill sharpener’s grinding wheel motor can be easily tilted and rotated 360° in the horizontal plane. PP-50 universal tool grinder wholesale, these two functions can be easily set. The front and rear corners of the tool expand the range of use of the machine. Export PP-50 universal tool grinder manufacturer a variety of optional devices are available to meet the grinding requirements of a wide range of tools.

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