Select Servo Motor And Stepping Motor
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Select Servo Motor And Stepping Motor


Servo motors and stepper motors are now more widely used in grinding machines, so how do we choose when we choose? Demina below will tell you some tips on choosing servo motors and stepper motors.

Select servo motor and stepping motor correctly

1. Mainly depending on the specific application, simply to determine. The nature of the load (such as horizontal or vertical load, etc.), torque, moment of inertia, rotational speed, accuracy, and deceleration. This ball screw has been a quick easy collection, upper control requirements (such as the requirement for port interface and communication). The main control mode is position, torque, or speed. The power supply is dc or ac power, or battery power, voltage range. Accordingly, the type of motor and driver or controller to used shall be determined.

2. How to use stepper motor driver A driver greater than or equal to the current of the motor shall be used according to the current of the motor. Subdivision actuators are available if low vibration or high precision is required. For large torque motors, use high voltage actuators as much as possible to obtain good high-speed performance. 3.2 phase and 5 phase stepping motor what is the difference, how to choose? The 2-phase motor has low cost, but the vibration is larger at low speed and the torque decreases faster at high speed. The 5-phase motor has small vibration, good performance and high speed of use. Which is 30~50% higher than the 2-phase motor. In some cases, it can replace the servo motor. 4. I want to directly control the servo motor through communication, is that ok? Yes, it is convenient, but it is only a matter of speed. The application of the response speed requirements is not too high. Generally, it has DSP and high-speed logic processing circuits, to achieve high speed and high precision motion control. Such as S acceleration, multi-axis interpolation and so on.
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